my_location New York, New York (40.71° N, -74.01° W)
wb_sunny 1686 kWh/m2 annual solar potential help_outline
check 30% Federal Tax Credit help_outline
check 25% State Equipment Tax Credit help_outline
check Property Tax Incentive help_outline
check $350 per kW State Cash Rebate help_outline
check Net Metering friendly help_outline
check Sales Tax Exemption help_outline
lightbulb_outline 17.6¢/kWh estimated electricity rate help_outline
lightbulb_outline 14¢/kWh estimated net metering rate help_outline
attach_money $ average system cost after tax credits help_outline
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Solar System

Your savings are based on the values below. We took our best guesses but make any tweaks needed.

System size (kW) help_outline
efficiency (%) help_outline
Power usage (%) help_outline
Utility Bill ($) help_outline
Electricity Rate (¢/kWh) help_outline
Net Metering Rate (¢/kWh) help_outline
Your solar system increases the value of your home by at least $2000 per kW installed.
You will save


over 25 years

Confirm your savings estimate with a solar power professional in New York.

Solar Power Rocks
United States Department of Energy

You will save
$ over 25 years